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Bumijaya Engineering Sdn Bhd offers an exclusive distributor range of pumps specifically tailored for the Oil & Gas industry namely for Offshore Production Platforms, Onshore Refinery, Petrochemical, Marine, Floating, Production, Storage and Offloading (FPSO) and Floating, Production and Offloading (FSO).
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Chemical Injections Pumps
Compliance to the American Petroleum Institute API 675 [2nd edition]
  • Chemical & petrochemical
  • Onshore oil Refinery
  • Offshore Production Platform
  • Aromatics injection
  • Boilers & Cooling water
Hydraulic Diaphragm

  • Technically advance hydraulic diaphragm positive displacement pump
  • Double hydraulic diaphragm mechanically actuated replenishing system(MARS) valve with optional leak detection system
  • Sealess ceramic plunger for low NPSHr and minimum maintenance
  • Build in relief value for accurate pressure setting.
  • ATEX Pneumatic and electric actuators for remote stroke control.
  • Flow-rates up to 3800 litres/hour.

Packed Plunger

  • Heavy duty construction positive displacement plunger pump.
  • Heavy duty construction for high pressure application.
  • High metering accuracy and reliability.
  • Stainless steel and Ceramic plunges.
  • Discharge pressure up to 400 barg.

API 675

API 675 Series [2nd edition]

  • Flowrate upto 38001/hr with discharge pressure upto 400bar


  • Up to 4 heads with different flow-rates, pressure & chemicals.
  • Able to control flow-rates individually.
  • Minimal space required because of single motor.
  • Base plate included for easy mounting.
  • Optimal pneumatic or electric actuator available

Chemical Injection Skid for Chemical Injection Pump API675